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2 Essential Factors For Quality Colostrum Production

  1. Time taken after birth

The highest-quality colostrum is known as six-hour colostrum, which is extracted from a cow within six hours of a calf’s birth and spray dried using a low-heat process that maintains the high bio-availability.

After six hours, the concentration of the active ingredients declines considerably.

Many companies sell 24- or 72-hour colostrum, but six-hour colostrum is the only form that you want if you want the full health benefits – Immune Tree colostrum is the only brand certified and verified as true 6 Hr colostrum by the prestigious Cornell University.

2. Completeness of the product – only possible if the fat is left intact!

How To Ensure You Buy The Highest Quality Colostrum?

  • Is the colostrum collected from Grade A, certified dairy cows and are the cows maintained in a healthy, controlled environment?
  • Is there a time limit after birth during which all the colostrum is collected and what is that time limit?
  • Is the colostrum complete? Has anything been added or removed, other than the moisture?
  • What kind of testing do you do to assure the colostrum is biologically active?
  • Can you show me evidence of the composition of this colostrum, particularly in terms of the amount of fat, protein, and lactose?
  • Has this colostrum been tested and declared free of hormones, antibiotics and pesticides?

This Is Why I Prefer Immune Tree Certified Colostrum

Immune Tree certified colostrum is a vitality supplement especially for people who want to look and feel their best as well as those who need to recover from chronic illnesses.

I recommend Immune Tree Colostrum due to its high level of growth factors and complete absence of detectable contaminants  (e.g., pesticides, heavy metals, bacterial pathogens) as it is certified organic and is sourced from ‘Happy’ grass-fed cows.

The cow actually produces way more than than what the calf needs so you can ensure now cows are harmed in the process!.

With Immune Tree Certified Colostrum You Give Your Body The Quality It Deserves!

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